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Luxury Paddock Suites

Paddock Suites

"...modern bespoke conservatory-style accommodation"


Luxury Paddock Suites


Light, bright and hygienic, walk-in UPVC rooms with double glazed windows overlooking lovely Paddock views. 


Cool and shady in summer, warm and snug in winter with modern thermostatically controlled heating system.


Soft, comfy beds and luxury climbers ensure a comfortable stress free stay.


Modern impervious construction ensures a standard of hygiene second to none, far exceeding the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) guidelines.


Full length safety corridor with five-lever locked doors for added security all covered by CCTV.










Indoor Cattery

Indoor Cattery

"....calm, relaxed and homely environment" 

Indoor cattery.jpg

Indoor Chalets


A light and bright 'home from home' environment with radio all day and soft lighting as darkness falls


Tiled floors and plenty of air flow means cool in summer whilst the thermostatic heating system provides a warm and snug bedroom in winter.


Curtains, cushions, toys and climbers all help provide a stress free relaxing stay for your furry friends


Our Indoor Chalets range from standard doubles to extra large family rooms to suit all requirements

Caring for our Guests

Caring for our Guests

"...first class care for our VIC's"

Meet the Team

"...our cat crazy gang"

CLEARWOOD BOARDING CATTERY is a true Family Business! Proprietor Sue, who is now semi-retired, with daughter Vicki and Son in Law Ian....

From the left, Vicki with son Josh (now 8 years old!), Sue and Ian with Finley (now 5 years old!). 

First Class Care


  • Our passion is to provide 24/7 personal quality service to our VICs – Very Important Cats (as we prefer to call them!)

  • A daily routine, background music, love and cuddles all help our guests feel relaxed and comfortable whilst with us

  • We can take care of special diets and any medication or treatment that your cat may require at no extra cost

  • We feed premium brand cat biscuits (Royal Canin and Hills Science Plan) as well as premium brand wet foods such as Sheba, Felix, Gourmet Perle and Applaws


 We understand;


  • Vicki, Ian and Ali care for all our feline guests themselves, so they quickly get to know us and feel comfortable with us around. 

  • To have to leave your cat in a cattery can be worrying and a little distressing at times for owners, but please rest assured that Vicki, Ian, Ali and the team take pride in the quality of the service, care and attention we provide, ensuring your cats welfare is our number one concern.

  • All cats are unique and require looking after in different ways - we aim to offer the next best alternative to home.



As well as running the cattery alongside husband Ian and Cattery Manager Ali, Vicki is also a busy mum to Josh and Finley. Vicki seen here with the very cuddly GiGi!

Ali and Fred.jpg

Vicki's hubby, Ian, is happy being our human Cat Tree....!  When he's not helping care for our furry friends you will no doubt find him in the workshop fixing broken climbers or mowing the lawns...we have a lot of grass!

Meet The Team

Ali joined our team in 2016 and is now our Cattery Manager.  She is truly cat crazy having 2 of her own, Phoebe and Millie-Mae!  She is amazing at caring for our feline guests and always loves a challenge when it comes to grooming them too!

Sue started Clearwood Boarding Cattery in August 2010, alongside husband Andy.  Over the years, she has transformed it into an outstanding 5 Star Rated Cattery with an excellent reputation and loyal customer base.  After 14 years, Sue is now enjoying semi-retirement, as she cannot keep away and Clearwood is most definitely her 'Happy Place' ! You can still see her about - she can't resist cat cuddling our feline guests and having a good natter with our customers!

Jen has been with us for almost 10 years and even though she could now be enjoying a retirement, we are lucky that she still loves coming to help us out and get her cat cuddles.  Jen is a lifelong cat lover and enjoys spending time with her granddaughters and getting away to her caravan when she's not caring for our feline guests!

Amy joined us during Lockdown as a volunteer.  She quickly became a valuable member of the team and is now a Cattery Assistant who helps out during weekends and school holidays!  She has a dog called Odi and absolutely loves caring for all of our feline guests!

Amy Boulton.jpg

Rowan joined our team in early 2022 as a Cattery Assistant.  She works several days a week with us and is always happy to muck in during our super-busy times ..... she is a most valued team member ! She has her own (big !) dog, Ember and 2 cats, Miss Pawkins and Bellatrix.

During 2023 we have had three A Level students join us as Cattery Assistants: Caitlin, Tia and Peter. They are all great at helping us out at weekends and during all the various school holidays. Being animal lovers, they quickly settled into their roles of cat care and are valuable members of our team. Caitlin has two cats at home, Charlie and Lola, Tia's own cat is Nala whilst Peter has Frankie and Sally, so plenty of feline experience !

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